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Feldman Consulting Enterprises, LLC is one of the Lehigh Valley's most creative firms, specializing in helping clients benefit the most from their ideas and innovations.

Founded in 2009, Feldman Consulting Enterprises, LLC takes advantage of the ability to draw upon expertise from a wide range of fields and lessons learned from a portfolio of projects to help clients develop breakthrough solutions that exceed their wildest expectations. Our technical areas of focus include Arduino, robotics, and control systems and we focus on the business aspects of projects as well.

From designing flame-sealing devices to loan origination databases, data analysis and reporting to liquid injection machines, and robotics and Arduino boards, Feldman Consulting Enterprises, LLC approaches problems holistically to ensure that not only are the results technically superior, but that they work well from a business standpoint and that the users love using the end product.

We measure our results in ROI. We're successful because we help our customers become more successful. The projects we work on deliver significant revenue and profitability enhancements and position our customers to take advantage of other ROI-enhancing opportunities, such as product line expansion, reuse and sharing of development costs between projects, and advanced reporting and data analysis.



Feldman Consulting Enterprises, LLC is also one of a few select companies that is a MATAAC Partner. You may be eligible for federal grant money that can be used to assist with your project. We can help you navigate the process to get approved!




Main Arduino Consulting Instrumentation Design Wireless Networks What Sets Us Apart Background About Us


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Feldman Consulting Enterprises, LLC has worked with clients all over the world and is based out of Macungie, PA.

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